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Mike Pride - The Short & Long Tones 2 & 3 (Funhole Records, 2017)
Archival, download release, THE SHORT AND LONG TONES compositions 2 & 3 (of a series of 4) are text-derived compostions, wherein experimental texts, numbers, the alphabet & grammatical symbols are assigned notational values & used to create large, through-composed pieces for mixed ensembles of improvisors.
Jessica Pavone (viola), Jackson Moore (clarinet), Chris Forsyth (guitar), ID M THEFT ABLE (objects & voice), Don Pride (nylon-string guitar) & Mike Pride (percussion, voice, tapes & field recording).

Mike Pride - NY TAPES (Funhole Records, 2017)
Archival, download release of a 4 movement composition for percussion & 2 mono cassette machines.
Originally intended for release on Newsonic Records in the early aughts.  Finally available in all its weirdness!


Mike Pride (solo) - Listening Party (Akord Records/Subkulturni Azil, 2015)
Debut solo album by Mike Pride.
Solo compositions for various percussion instruments, studio creations, glockenspiel etudes & drum set improvisations.

Mike Pride - Drummer's Corpse (AUM Fidelity, 2013)
Oran Canfield, Russell Greenberg, John McLellan, Bobby Previte, Ches Smith & Tyshawn Sorey (drums), Chris Welcome (guitar), Fritz Welch, Marissa Perel & Yuko Tonohira (vocals & percussion)

Mike Pride/From Bacteria To Boys - Birthing Days (AUM Fidelity, 2013)
Jon Irabagon (saxophones), Alexis Marcelo (piano & keyboards), Peter Bitenc (doublebass) + Jonathan Moritz (tenor sax), Jason Stein (bass clarinet)

Mike Pride's From Bacteria To Boys - Betweenwhile (AUM Fidelity, 2010)
Darius Jones (alto sax), Alexis Marcelo (piano), Peter Bitenc (doublebass)

Mike Pride's From Bacteria To Boys - Hang (Funhole Records, 2006)
Darius Jones (alto sax), Evan Lipson (basses)

the MPTHREE - Sleep Cells (Utech Records, 2006)
Mary Halvorson (guitar), Trevor Dunn (doublebass)

Mike Pride - The Ensemble Is An Electronic Device (Public Eyesore, 2006)
Aaron Ali Shaikh (saxophones), Jessica Pavone (viola), Gerald Menke (pedal steel guitar), Brian Moran (electronics)

Mike Pride's Scrambler (NotTwo Records, 2005)
Tony Malaby (tenor sax), Charlie Looker (guitar), William Parker (doublebass)

Ned Muffleburger Band - Delancey (Funhole Records, 2005)
Scarecrowoven (vocals, electronics), Mike Gamble (mini-keyboard), Jesse Krakow (bass), Fritz Welch (percussion) + Diva (vocals)

Ned Muffleburger Band - Collymore (Funhole Records, 2005)
Mike Gamble (guitar, keyboard), Scarecrowoven (vocals, electronics), Sam Hoyt (trumpet), Evan Lipson (bass) + DJ Jex-X (vocals)
A Ned Muffleburger Christmas - Santa's Sac (Funhole Records, 2004)
Mike Pride (vocals, percussion, various instruments), Dave Pride (Bb clarinet)

Ned Muffleburger - and the DSL (Funhole Records, 1998/2002)



-Overishins - s/t [DL] (Hathenter Records, 2017)
-Sam Mickens/Mike Pride Duo - at Zebulon 01.31.10 [DL] (2017)
-Pulverize The Sound (Peter Evans/Tim Dahl/Mike Pride) (Relative Pitch, 2015)
-The Spanish Donkey - Raoul (Joe Morris/Jamie Saft/Mike Pride [180g 2LP/CD/DL] (RareNoise Records, 2015)
-PERIOD - 2 (Charlie Looker/Mike Pride/Chuck Bettis) (Public Eyesore, 2014)
-Dripping Ancience (Mick Barr/Mike Pride) [DL] (Ocrilim, 2013)  
-Kirk Knuffke / Mike Pride - The Exterminating Angel  (NotTwo Records, Poland 2013)
-Jon Irabagon w/ Mike Pride & Mick Barr - I Don't Hear Nothin' But The Blues vol. 2: Appalachian Haze (Irabbagast Records, 2012)
-Punkappella - Wake Up [7" LP] (Front Rock Records, Slovenia 2012) 
-Kalashnikov - 1-666-CALL-SAAD [DL] (Veal Records, 2012)
-Bunda Love mit Saft - Utica Ave. [DL] (Veal Records, 2012)
-The Spanish Donkey - XYX (Joe Morris/Jamie Saft/Mike Pride) (Northern Spy, 2011)
-Jack Wright / Nate Wooley / Ben Wright / Mike Pride - Tenterhooks (Bug Incision Records, 2010)
-Jon Irabagon w/ Mike Pride - I Don't Hear Nothin' But The Blues (Loyal Label, 2009)
-Stephen Gauci / Nels Cline / Ken Filiano / Mike Pride - Red Feast (Cadence Jazz, 2009)
-Angel Ov Death - Live in Space and Time [DVD] - (Veal Records, 2009)
-Kalashnikov - Bang Bang [2XCD] (Funhole Records/Veal Records, 2009)
-Bunda Love - Beards & Calves [2XCD] (Funhole Records/Mang Disc, 2009)
-Dynamite Club - Fusion Era [CD/DL] (Caminante Recordings, 2008)
-Whoopie Pie - Sweet [enhanced CD] (Veal Records, 2008)
-Evil Eye - Doin' It All For My Baby (KMB Jazz, 2007)
-Bunda Love mit Saft [DVD] (Funhole Records/Frank Booth Insustries/Mang Disc, 2007)
-Kevin Davis / Mike Pride - Chicago Duets [DL/CD] (February Records, 2007)
-Evil Eye - s/t (Funhole Records, 2004/2007)
-PERIOD (Charlie Looker/Mike Pride) (Funhole Records/FuckingA Show Releases, 2006)
-Marcos Fernandes / Mike Pride - A Mountain Is A Mammal (Accretions, 2006)
-Aaron Ali Shaikh / James Ilgenfritz / Mike Pride - Deal Breaker (Utech Records, 2006)
-Bunda Love Quartet - Strange Mane (Sachimay Interventions/Funhole Records, 2005) 
-Andrew D'Angelo Trio - Morthana With Pride (Doubt Music, Japan, 2005.) 
-Dynamite Club - It's Deeper Than Most People Actually Think (Funhole Records, 2004) 
-Dynamite Club - "S" [CD ep] (Funhole Records, 2004) 
-Dynamite Club - The Legend Of Tiger Mask (Big Sleep Records, 2002) 
-Dynamite Club - live @ Knitting Factory [VHS] (Mo_Discount Video, 2001) 
-Dustin Garlitz / Jaime Fennelly / Dave Reaboi / Mike Pride - Two Trains, Fast and Slow (Novel Design Co., 2000) 



-Sam Mickens - Music For The Stage, 2008-2016 [DL] (2017)
-Max Johnson - In The West (2017, Clean Feed Records. CD/DL)
-Chris Welcome Quartet - Challenger [DL] (2017)
-Chris Welcome - Selected Chamber Works 2011-2015 [DL] (2017)
-David Nagler - Carl Sandburg's Chicago Poems (2016, Big Sleep Records. CD/DL)
-Skeleton$ - Am I Home? (2016, Shinkoyo. CD, LP, Cassette, DL)
-Jackson Moore - A Chronicle Of The Wind [DL] (2016, Aletheia Records)
-Jackson Moore - Septet [DL] (2015, Aletheia Records)
-Yoni Kretzmer 2Bass Quartet - Book II (2015, OutNow Records)
-Chris Welcome Trio - Time Bandits (2015, s/r. DL)
-Chris Welcome - Psychic Shapes (2015, s/r. DL)
-Sam Mickens - Kayfabe: Laamb of G.O.D. [DL/CD-r] (2014)
-Brown Wing Overdrive w/ C. Spencer Yeh & Mike Pride - live @ the Stone (2014, s/r. DL)
-Peter Kerlin Octet - Salamander (2013, Innova Records)
-Chris Forsyth - Solar Motel (2013, Paradise of Bachelors. CD, LP, MP3)
-Luke Polipnick Group - Episodes (2013, Eunonia Records. CD, DL)
-Lisa Mezzacappa Trio - X Marks The Question (2013, Queen Bee Records)
-Chris Welcome - Wasteland, Untitled, Colors [CD/DL] (2013, Empty Room Music)
-Jonathan Moritz Trio - Secret Tempo (2013, Hot Cup Records)
-Jacob Wick's Hungry Cowboy - Gleam (2013, Prom Night Records. limited edition CD, DL)
-Jon Irabagon's Outright - Unhinged (2012, Irabbagast Records. CD/DL)
-Katherine Young - Pretty Monsters (2012, Public Eyesore)
-Josh Sinton's HOLUS-BOLUS - Pine Barrens (2012, Prom Night Records. DL)
-Yoni Kretzmer 2Bass Quartet - Weight (2012, OutNow Records)
-Jon DeRosa - A Wolf In Preacher's Clothes (2012, Mother West (US)/Rocket Girl (UK). CD/LP/DL)
-Skeleton$ Big Band - The Bus (2012, Shinkoyo.  LP/DL)
-Squeeze Rock - Hungry EP (2012, Lost Penny Music. CD/DL) 
-Sam Mickens Ecstatic Showband & Revue - Burning Hell/I’m Evil (2011, Shatter Your Leaves)
-Sam Mickens - The Shadow King Mixtape (2011, s/r)
-Aaron Siegel - Science Is Only Sometimes A Friend (2011, Lock Step Records. CD/DL)
-Chris Forsyth - Paranoid Cat (2011, Family Vineyard. LP/DL)
-Sam Mickens Ecstatic Showband & Revue - One Final Round/To Victory Or Death [DL] (2011)
-Matthew Welch - Blarvuster (2010, Tzadik)
-Jason Stein's Locksmith Isidore - Three Kinds of Happiness (2010, Not Two Records)
-Boredoms - 77 Boa Drum (2010, Thrill Jockey. DVD)
-Yoni Kretzmer Trio - Nevertheless (2010, Hopscotch Records)
-Chora / Quivers - split LP (2010, Ultramarine Records. LP)
-Sam Mickens/Amelia Reeber - This Is A Forgery (2010. Original Choreography Soundtrack)
-Snake Eats Electric Blanket (2010, s/r. DL)
-Jason Stein's Locksmith Isidore - Three Less Than Between (2009, Clean Feed Records)
-Jamie Saft - Black Shabbis (2009, Tzadik)
-Talibam! - Boogie In The Breeze Blocks (2009, ESP Disk)
-Boredoms - 77 Boa Drum (2008, Shock City. 2xCD + DVD,  Japan)
-Jason Stein's Locksmith Isidore- A Calculus Of Loss (2008, Clean Feed Records)
-Talibam! - Untitled (2008, Holiday Records. 7" Vinyl)
-Aarktica - Matchless Years (2007, Darla Records)
-Eivind Opsvik's Rocket Engine - What Is This That Stands Before Me? (2007, Loyal Label) 
-Mambo Mantis - +1 -1 (2007, Sweatheart Media)
-Chris Forsyth/Aaron Petrovich - A Kind Of Madness (2006, HSGPress. Radioplay)
-Aarktica - Live at KUCI 6/15/05 (2007, Silber Records)
-A.C. Unit - Sensual Polyphony (2006, s/r)
-Pasquale Cangiano + Trio - Plastic Angels (2006, Black Rhombus. DL)
-John Dikeman - A Combination Of Events (2005, Archive Recordings) 
-Jackson Moore - Standards (2004, Aletheia Records. DL)
-Aarktica - Bleeding Light (2004, Darla Records)
-MDC - Magnus Dominus Corpus (2004, Sudden Death Records. CD & LP)
-A.C. Unit - Lost Property (2004, s/r)
-Brandon Evans Sextet/Ninetet - Live/Bowery Poetry Club (2004, Parallactic Records)
-Sonny Simmons/Brandon Evans Internal Renegade Society - Live In NYC Volume 2 (2004, Parallactic Records)
-Dr. Eugene Chadbourne & His Evil Minions - Year Of The Chadfest (2004, Chadula Records)
-Pale Horse and Rider - Moody Pike (2004, Darla Records)
-Marc Gartman/Jeffrey Fields - Seven Seas #1 (2004, Graceless Records. 7" Vinyl)
-Marc Gartman/Rivulets - s/t (2004, Tract Records)
-Burd Early - Mind And Mother (2004, Western Vinyl. CD & 180gram Vinyl)
-Anthony Braxton/Sonny Simmons Sextet - Volume 2 (2003, Parallactic Records) 
-Anthony Braxton/Sonny Simmons Sextet - Volume 1 (2003, Parallactic Records) 
-?Threat? - Watch Your Step (2003, Triple A)
-Acetaminophen - Gibberish Junk (2002, Triple A)
-Marc Gartman - All's Well That Ends (2002, Pushpin Music)
-Block:Gartman - Each New Nostalgic Moment (2001, Pushpin Music)



-Strength In Numbers (2017, Chant Records) Featuring: Mike Pride
-Suoni Per Il Popolo 14 Featuring: Mike Pride's From Bacteria To Boys
-Miniature Minotaurs Presents: Friday the Kurteenth (2013, WFMU) Featuring: Mike Pride
-Zrcalo Dehumanizacije (2011, Subkulturni Azil, Slovenia) Featuring: Punkapella
-Knot Sounds In The Space (2009, Makrame Records, Spain) Featuring: Mike Pride
-Teriyaki Suplex (2007, Geykido Comet Records/Peelander Planet) Featuring: Dynamite Club
-From B To Z (2007, FuckingA Show Releases) Featuring: American Drunk Trio (Sam Hillmer/Charlie Looker/Mike Pride)
-Zoozik Moosik - Vol. 1 (2007, Zoozik Moozik) Featuring: Mike Pride & Punkappella
-Sound Infusion - Creative Music Recorded Live @ Elixir SmartBbar 2003-2004 (2005, Earthtones Music) Featuring: Evil Eye (Moritz/Wooley/Filiano/Pride) and Dealbreaker (Shaikh/Ilgenfritz/Pride)
-Little Darla Has A Treat For You - Summer 2005 (2005, Darla Records) Featuring: Aarktica
-Great Jewish Music: Jacob do Bandolim (2004, Tzadik) Featuring: Shanir Blumenkranz w/ Mike Pride & Eyal Maoz
-Just Drums II Project (2005, Fever Pitch. 2xCD & Magazine) Featuring: Mike Pride
-Serious Leekage (2004, Leek Records, Taiwan) Featuring: Dynamite Club
-Little Darla Has Treat For You - Indian Summer 2004 (2004, Darla Records) Featuring: Pale Horse and Rider
-V/A: A Handful Of Salt - Live Music 2003 (2004, WFMU) Featuring: Marc Gartman Band AKA: Pale Horse and Rider
-A Tribute To The Music Of Will Oldham - I Am A Cold Rock, A Am Dull Grass (2004 Tract Records/Royale Stable. 2xCD) Featuring: Pale Horse and Rider
-We Could Live In Hope - A Tribute To Low (2004, Fractured Discs) Featuring: Pale Horse and Rider
-Avant Tuesday @ The Right Bank (2003, Newsonic Records) Featuring: Aaron Dugan/Mike Pride duo


Mike Pride Trio - I Hate Work (plays MDC) w/ Jamie Saft, Brad Jones + JG Thirlwell, Dave Dictor, Sam Mickens & Mick Barr)
Jason Stein's Locksmith Isadore (Northern Spy Records, Spring 2018)

Pulverize The Sound - 2
Pulverize The Sound - untitled
Jaime Branch Trio (2017, Relative Pitch Records)

Alexis Marcelo Quartet
Dollshot - Lalande
Daniel Levin & Mike Pride duets (tba)
PUNKAPELLA - s/t (Subkulturni Azil) [201?, LP]
MIDEIVAL TV - Bill Horist/Jamie Saft/Mike Pride
Carl Testa Trio