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Mike Pride - Drums, August [DL] (Funhole Records, 2019)
Mike Pride (solo drums (proper))
1st release in Mike’s “12 for 40 Series”. 12 new albums (1/month for 1 year).

Mike Pride - The Short & Long Tones 2 & 3 [DL] (Funhole Records, 2017)
Archival release!
THE SHORT AND LONG TONES compositions 2 & 3 (of a series of 4) are text-derived compostions, wherein experimental texts, numbers, the alphabet & grammatical symbols are assigned notational values & used to create large, through-composed pieces for mixed ensembles of improvisors.
Jessica Pavone (viola)
Jackson Moore (clarinet)
Chris Forsyth (guitar)
ID M THEFT ABLE (objects & voice)
Don Pride (nylon-string guitar)
Mike Pride (percussion, voice, tapes & field recording)

Mike Pride - NY TAPES [DL] (Funhole Records, 2017)
Archival release!
4 movement suite for percussion & 2 mono cassette machines.
Originally intended for release on Newsonic Records in the early aughts.
Finally available in all its weirdness!

Mike Pride (solo) - Listening Party [CD & DL] (Akord Records/Subkulturni Azil, 2015)
Debut solo album by Mike Pride.
Solo works for percussion instruments, percussion-heavy studio creations, glockenspiel etudes & drum set improvisations.

Mike Pride - Drummer's Corpse [CD & DL] (AUM Fidelity, 2013)
Oran Canfield, Russell Greenberg, John McLellan, Bobby Previte, Ches Smith & Tyshawn Sorey (drums)
Chris Welcome (guitar)
Fritz Welch, Marissa Perel & Yuko Tonohira (vocals & percussion)
Mike Pride (drums, organ, vocals, compositions)

Mike Pride/From Bacteria To Boys - Birthing Days [CD & DL] (AUM Fidelity, 2013)
Jon Irabagon (saxophones)
Alexis Marcelo (piano & keyboards)
Peter Bitenc (doublebass)
Mike Pride (drums, glockenspiel, compositions)
+ Jonathan Moritz (tenor sax), Jason Stein (bass clarinet)

Mike Pride's From Bacteria To Boys - Betweenwhile [CD & DL] (AUM Fidelity, 2010)
Darius Jones (alto sax)
Alexis Marcelo (piano)
Peter Bitenc (doublebass)
Mike Pride (drums, compositions)

Mike Pride's From Bacteria To Boys - Hang [CD & DL] (Funhole Records, 2006)
Darius Jones (alto sax, composition)
Evan Lipson (upright and electric basses)
Mike Pride (drums, vocals, composition)

the MPTHREE - Sleep Cells [DL] (Utech Records, 2006)
Out-of-print download of Pride’s original working band.

Mary Halvorson (guitar, composition)
Trevor Dunn (doublebass)
Mike Pride (drums, electronics, compositions)

Mike Pride - The Ensemble Is An Electronic Device [DL] (Public Eyesore, 2006)
CD is sold out and Out-of-print, download available.

Aaron Ali Shaikh (saxophones)
Jessica Pavone (viola)
Gerald Menke (pedal steel guitar)
Brian Moran (electronics)
Mike Pride (drums, percussion, glockenspiel)

Mike Pride - Scrambler (NotTwo Records, 2005)
Tony Malaby (tenor sax)
Charlie Looker (guitar)
William Parker (doublebass)
Mike Pride (drums)

Ned Muffleburger Band - Delancey (Funhole Records, 2005)
Mike Pride (vocal, percussion, electronics, songs)
Scarecrowoven (vocals, electronics)
Mike Gamble (mini-keyboard)
Jesse Krakow (bass)
Fritz Welch (percussion)
+ Diva (vocals)

Ned Muffleburger Band - Collymore (Funhole Records, 2005)
Mike Pride (vocal, percussion, electronics, songs)
Mike Gamble (guitar, keyboard)
Scarecrowoven (vocals, electronics)
Sam Hoyt (trumpet)
Evan Lipson (electric bass)
+ DJ Jex-X (vocals)
A Ned Muffleburger Christmas - Santa's Sac (Funhole Records, 2004)
Mike Pride (vocals, percussion, various instruments)
Dave Pride (Bb clarinet)

Ned Muffleburger - and the DSL (Funhole Records, 1998/2002)
Mike Pride & a mysterious cast of “Mainers”.



-Pulverize The Sound - Sequel [CD & DL] (More Is More, 2018)
-Overishins - s/t [DL] (Hathenter Records, 2017)
-Sam Mickens/Mike Pride Duo - at Zebulon 01.31.10 [DL] (2017)
-Pulverize The Sound - s/t (Relative Pitch, 2015)
-The Spanish Donkey - Raoul (Joe Morris/Jamie Saft/Mike Pride [180g 2LP/CD/DL] (RareNoise Records, 2015)
-PERIOD - 2 (Charlie Looker/Mike Pride/Chuck Bettis) (Public Eyesore, 2014)
-Dripping Ancience (Mick Barr/Mike Pride) [DL] (Ocrilim, 2013)  
-Kirk Knuffke / Mike Pride - The Exterminating Angel  (NotTwo Records, Poland 2013)
-Jon Irabagon w/ Mike Pride & Mick Barr - I Don't Hear Nothin' But The Blues vol. 2: Appalachian Haze (Irabbagast Records, 2012)
-Punkappella - Wake Up [7" LP] (Front Rock Records, Slovenia 2012) 
-Kalashnikov - 1-666-CALL-SAAD [DL] (Veal Records, 2012)
-Bunda Love mit Saft - Utica Ave. [DL] (Veal Records, 2012)
-The Spanish Donkey - XYX (Joe Morris/Jamie Saft/Mike Pride) (Northern Spy, 2011)
-Jack Wright / Nate Wooley / Ben Wright / Mike Pride - Tenterhooks (Bug Incision Records, 2010)
-Jon Irabagon w/ Mike Pride - I Don't Hear Nothin' But The Blues (Loyal Label, 2009)
-Stephen Gauci / Nels Cline / Ken Filiano / Mike Pride - Red Feast (Cadence Jazz, 2009)
-Angel Ov Death - Live in Space and Time [DVD] - (Veal Records, 2009)
-Kalashnikov - Bang Bang [2XCD] (Funhole Records/Veal Records, 2009)
-Bunda Love - Beards & Calves [2XCD] (Funhole Records/Mang Disc, 2009)
-Dynamite Club - Fusion Era [CD/DL] (Caminante Recordings, 2008)
-Whoopie Pie - Sweet [enhanced CD] (Veal Records, 2008)
-Evil Eye - Doin' It All For My Baby (KMB Jazz, 2007)
-Bunda Love mit Saft [DVD] (Funhole Records/Frank Booth Insustries/Mang Disc, 2007)
-Kevin Davis / Mike Pride - Chicago Duets [DL/CD] (February Records, 2007)
-Evil Eye - s/t (Funhole Records, 2004/2007)
-PERIOD (Charlie Looker/Mike Pride) (Funhole Records/FuckingA Show Releases, 2006)
-Marcos Fernandes / Mike Pride - A Mountain Is A Mammal (Accretions, 2006)
-Aaron Ali Shaikh / James Ilgenfritz / Mike Pride - Deal Breaker (Utech Records, 2006)
-Bunda Love Quartet - Strange Mane (Sachimay Interventions/Funhole Records, 2005) 
-Andrew D'Angelo Trio - Morthana With Pride (Doubt Music, Japan, 2005.) 
-Dynamite Club - It's Deeper Than Most People Actually Think (Funhole Records, 2004) 
-Dynamite Club - "S" [CD ep] (Funhole Records, 2004) 
-Dynamite Club - The Legend Of Tiger Mask (Big Sleep Records, 2002) 
-Dynamite Club - live @ Knitting Factory [VHS] (Mo_Discount Video, 2001) 
-Dustin Garlitz / Jaime Fennelly / Dave Reaboi / Mike Pride - Two Trains, Fast and Slow (Novel Design Co., 2000) 



-Chris Welcome Orchestra - Beyond All Things [CD & DL] (Gaucimusic, 2019)
-Dollshot - Lalande (Underwolf Rcords, 2019)
-Jason Stein’s Locksmith Isadore - After Caroline [CD, LP & DL] (Northern Spy Records, 2018)
-Sam Mickens - SFF [DL] (2018)
-Sam Mickens - Music For The Stage, 2008-2016 [DL] (2017)
-Max Johnson - In The West (2017, Clean Feed Records. CD/DL)
-Chris Welcome Quartet - Challenger [DL] (2017)
-Chris Welcome - Selected Chamber Works 2011-2015 [DL] (2017)
-David Nagler - Carl Sandburg's Chicago Poems (2016, Big Sleep Records. CD/DL)
-Skeleton$ - Am I Home? [CD, LP, Cassette, DL] (Shinkoyo, 2016)
-Jackson Moore - A Chronicle Of The Wind [DL] (2016, Aletheia Records)
-Jackson Moore - Septet [DL] (2015, Aletheia Records)
-Yoni Kretzmer 2Bass Quartet - Book II (2015, OutNow Records)
-Chris Welcome Trio - Time Bandits (2015, s/r. DL)
-Chris Welcome - Psychic Shapes (2015, s/r. DL)
-Sam Mickens - Kayfabe: Laamb of G.O.D. [DL/CD-r] (2014)
-Brown Wing Overdrive w/ C. Spencer Yeh & Mike Pride - live @ the Stone (2014, s/r. DL)
-Peter Kerlin Octet - Salamander (2013, Innova Records)
-Chris Forsyth - Solar Motel (2013, Paradise of Bachelors. CD, LP, MP3)
-Luke Polipnick Group - Episodes (2013, Eunonia Records. CD, DL)
-Lisa Mezzacappa Trio - X Marks The Question (2013, Queen Bee Records)
-Chris Welcome - Wasteland, Untitled, Colors [CD/DL] (2013, Empty Room Music)
-Jonathan Moritz Trio - Secret Tempo (2013, Hot Cup Records)
-Jacob Wick's Hungry Cowboy - Gleam (2013, Prom Night Records. limited edition CD, DL)
-Jon Irabagon's Outright - Unhinged (2012, Irabbagast Records. CD/DL)
-Katherine Young - Pretty Monsters (2012, Public Eyesore)
-Josh Sinton's HOLUS-BOLUS - Pine Barrens (2012, Prom Night Records. DL)
-Yoni Kretzmer 2Bass Quartet - Weight (2012, OutNow Records)
-Jon DeRosa - A Wolf In Preacher's Clothes (2012, Mother West (US)/Rocket Girl (UK). CD/LP/DL)
-Skeleton$ Big Band - The Bus (2012, Shinkoyo.  LP/DL)
-Squeeze Rock - Hungry EP (2012, Lost Penny Music. CD/DL) 
-Sam Mickens Ecstatic Showband & Revue - Burning Hell/I’m Evil (2011, Shatter Your Leaves)
-Sam Mickens - The Shadow King Mixtape (2011, s/r)
-Aaron Siegel - Science Is Only Sometimes A Friend (2011, Lock Step Records. CD/DL)
-Chris Forsyth - Paranoid Cat (2011, Family Vineyard. LP/DL)
-Sam Mickens Ecstatic Showband & Revue - One Final Round/To Victory Or Death [DL] (2011)
-Matthew Welch - Blarvuster (2010, Tzadik)
-Jason Stein's Locksmith Isidore - Three Kinds of Happiness (2010, Not Two Records)
-Boredoms - 77 Boa Drum (2010, Thrill Jockey. DVD)
-Yoni Kretzmer Trio - Nevertheless (2010, Hopscotch Records)
-Chora / Quivers - split LP (2010, Ultramarine Records. LP)
-Sam Mickens/Amelia Reeber - This Is A Forgery (2010. Original Choreography Soundtrack)
-Snake Eats Electric Blanket (2010, s/r. DL)
-Jason Stein's Locksmith Isidore - Three Less Than Between (2009, Clean Feed Records)
-Jamie Saft - Black Shabbis (2009, Tzadik)
-Talibam! - Boogie In The Breeze Blocks (2009, ESP Disk)
-Boredoms - 77 Boa Drum (2008, Shock City. 2xCD + DVD,  Japan)
-Jason Stein's Locksmith Isidore- A Calculus Of Loss (2008, Clean Feed Records)
-Talibam! - Untitled (2008, Holiday Records. 7" Vinyl)
-Aarktica - Matchless Years (2007, Darla Records)
-Eivind Opsvik's Rocket Engine - What Is This That Stands Before Me? (2007, Loyal Label) 
-Mambo Mantis - +1 -1 (2007, Sweatheart Media)
-Chris Forsyth/Aaron Petrovich - A Kind Of Madness (2006, HSGPress. Radioplay)
-Aarktica - Live at KUCI 6/15/05 (2007, Silber Records)
-A.C. Unit - Sensual Polyphony (2006, s/r)
-Pasquale Cangiano + Trio - Plastic Angels (2006, Black Rhombus. DL)
-John Dikeman - A Combination Of Events (2005, Archive Recordings) 
-Jackson Moore - Standards (2004, Aletheia Records. DL)
-Aarktica - Bleeding Light (2004, Darla Records)
-MDC - Magnus Dominus Corpus (2004, Sudden Death Records. CD & LP)
-A.C. Unit - Lost Property (2004, s/r)
-Brandon Evans Sextet/Ninetet - Live/Bowery Poetry Club (2004, Parallactic Records)
-Sonny Simmons/Brandon Evans Internal Renegade Society - Live In NYC Volume 2 (2004, Parallactic Records)
-Dr. Eugene Chadbourne & His Evil Minions - Year Of The Chadfest (2004, Chadula Records)
-Pale Horse and Rider - Moody Pike (2004, Darla Records)
-Marc Gartman/Jeffrey Fields - Seven Seas #1 (2004, Graceless Records. 7" Vinyl)
-Marc Gartman/Rivulets - s/t (2004, Tract Records)
-Burd Early - Mind And Mother (2004, Western Vinyl. CD & 180gram Vinyl)
-Anthony Braxton/Sonny Simmons Sextet - Volume 2 (2003, Parallactic Records) 
-Anthony Braxton/Sonny Simmons Sextet - Volume 1 (2003, Parallactic Records) 
-?Threat? - Watch Your Step (2003, Triple A)
-Acetaminophen - Gibberish Junk (2002, Triple A)
-Marc Gartman - All's Well That Ends (2002, Pushpin Music)
-Block:Gartman - Each New Nostalgic Moment (2001, Pushpin Music)


-Strength In Numbers (2017, Chant Records) Featuring: Mike Pride
-Suoni Per Il Popolo 2014 Edition Featuring: Mike Pride's From Bacteria To Boys
-Miniature Minotaurs Presents: Friday the Kurteenth (2013, WFMU) Featuring: Mike Pride
-Zrcalo Dehumanizacije (2011, Subkulturni Azil, Slovenia) Featuring: Punkapella
-Knot Sounds In The Space (2009, Makrame Records, Spain) Featuring: Mike Pride
-Teriyaki Suplex (2007, Geykido Comet Records/Peelander Planet) Featuring: Dynamite Club
-From B To Z (2007, FuckingA Show Releases) Featuring: American Drunk Trio (Sam Hillmer/Charlie Looker/Mike Pride)
-Zoozik Moosik - Vol. 1 (2007, Zoozik Moozik) Featuring: Mike Pride & Punkappella
-Sound Infusion - Creative Music Recorded Live @ Elixir SmartBbar 2003-2004 (2005, Earthtones Music) Featuring: Evil Eye (Moritz/Wooley/Filiano/Pride) and Dealbreaker (Shaikh/Ilgenfritz/Pride)
-Little Darla Has A Treat For You - Summer 2005 (2005, Darla Records) Featuring: Aarktica
-Great Jewish Music: Jacob do Bandolim (2004, Tzadik) Featuring: Shanir Blumenkranz w/ Mike Pride & Eyal Maoz
-Just Drums II Project (2005, Fever Pitch. 2xCD & Magazine) Featuring: Mike Pride
-Serious Leekage (2004, Leek Records, Taiwan) Featuring: Dynamite Club
-Little Darla Has Treat For You - Indian Summer 2004 (2004, Darla Records) Featuring: Pale Horse and Rider
-V/A: A Handful Of Salt - Live Music 2003 (2004, WFMU) Featuring: Marc Gartman Band AKA: Pale Horse and Rider
-A Tribute To The Music Of Will Oldham - I Am A Cold Rock, A Am Dull Grass (2004 Tract Records/Royale Stable. 2xCD) Featuring: Pale Horse and Rider
-We Could Live In Hope - A Tribute To Low (2004, Fractured Discs) Featuring: Pale Horse and Rider
-Avant Tuesday @ The Right Bank (2003, Newsonic Records) Featuring: Aaron Dugan/Mike Pride duo


Mike Pride solo Marimba (“12 for 40 Series”)
Mike Pride solo Glockenspiel (“12 for 40 Series”)
Joe Morris/Mike Pride/Chris Pitsiokos - tba
Mike Pride Trio - I Hate Work (plays MDC) w/ Jamie Saft, Brad Jones + JG Thirlwell, Dave Dictor, Sam Mickens & Mick Barr)
Mike Pride & Jonathan Moritz - the Invitation (Astral Spirits, Fall 2019)
Pulverize The Sound - untitled
Jaime Branch Trio

Alexis Marcelo Quartet
new Sam Mickens tracks/albums
Nous II (Our Silent Canvas)
new Lard Dog tracks
Daniel Levin & Mike Pride duets (tba)
PUNKAPELLA - s/t (Subkulturni Azil) [201?, LP]
MIDEIVAL TV - Bill Horist/Jamie Saft/Mike Pride
Carl Testa Trio