Mike Pride's mashup of his debut solo album, "Listening Party" (2015, Akord Records/Subkulturni Azil)

Mike Pride's mashup of BIRTHING DAYS, featuring: FROM BACTERIA TO BOYS).  (AUM Fidelity, 2013)

Ben Gerstein's 2' mashup of Mike Pride's 33' composition, DRUMMER's CORPSE.  (AUM Fidelity, 2013) 

"Exterminating Angel" from the album THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL by Kirk Knuffke & Mike Pride (NotTwo Records, 2013) 

Remix of Sam Mickens' "Grisly Ghouls" by Mike Pride, from Sam's 2011 album SLAKE & SLAY.  Featuring MF GRIMM.  (Shatter Your Leaves, 2011)

The first 90" of each track on Mike Pride's solo album "Listening Party", playing simultaneously.  (2015, Akord Records/Subkulturni Azil,)